O nietypowym rozwoju znaczeniowym w  polszczyźnie — czasownik chędożyć

Beata Raszewska-Żurek
Google Scholar Beata Raszewska-Żurek


Untypical evolution of ameaning in Polish language — the verb chędożyć

This article seeks to explore the semantic evolution of the verb chędożyć since its coming into existence till the present time on abasis of dictionaries source. The meaning of the verb gradually changed from ‘clean, tidy up’ in Old Polish to ‘have asexual intercourse’ in modern Polish with simultaneous vanishing of the old meanings. The new meaning came into being for the first time in the 17th century. It is not clear how the semantic transformation proceeded, but it seems that the obscene meaning has evolved out of the sense ‘hit somebody, knock’ based on the association with ‘have asexual intercourse’ of certain verbs that mean ‘hit’. This article presents atheory of untypical semantic process of transformation of the verb chędożyć with meaning that refers to staying pure and virgin and basing on its etymology which is concerned hard to explore because of sexual context taboo through centuries.

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