Smrť v literatúre pre deti a mládež

Ľubica Adamčíková
Google Scholar Ľubica Adamčíková


Death in literature for children and young adults


The dominate theme of the article is the motif of death in literature for children and youth. The goal is to present the existence of physical dimension in understanding of literary work as self living connected with the meaning of death in our lives and existence of death in literary works. Interconnection of these aspects, confrontation of body and its death in spiritual and physical way bring many questions and interesting themes which go into wild spectral areas. The contribution contains basic knowledge from theological, mythological, philosophic, literature and pedagogic aspect. I paid attention to historical determination of the problem and its interconnection with present literature. I connected this gained knowledge with practical research in elementary and preschool institutions. I based our research on a fairy-tale by Hans Christian Andersen — The little match seller. Death is a frequent motif in author’s fairy-tales and as fairy-tales are close to child’s understanding, this form of death education is the most suitable for them, at the same time it is important to make provision for recipient’s age to whom we offer this literature.



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