• Reinvestigating the Political Position of the Citizen in Plato’s „Republic”

Reinvestigating the Political Position of the Citizen in Plato’s „Republic”

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/1895-8001.14.4.2
Stephen Oppong Peprah
Google Scholar Stephen Oppong Peprah


In this paper, I argue that in the Republic Plato justifies the political authority of the guardians in light of the principle of partnership — a principle which fits coherently with other Platonic principles which undergird his political theory, including optimum functionality, social justice and power. Therefore, I argue that, by their respective professions, there is a cooperative interaction between the guardians and the producers as partners within the political structure of the ideal polis towards attaining the eudaemonistic goals of both the individual and the polis. I contrast this with the orthodox interpretation that Plato justifies political authority using the idea of the Good — an interpretation which holds that since the citizens cannot grasp the Good, they assume an insignificant political position, including the allegations that they are cogs, slaves, morally obtuse, and politically inept.

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