• Religia jako środek afirmacji godności człowieka

Religia jako środek afirmacji godności człowieka

Paweł Skrzydlewski
Google Scholar Paweł Skrzydlewski


Religion and its role in the affirmation of human dignity

The article addresses the problem of the relationship between human dignity and religion. It is a philosophical study. The author refers in his analysis to the classical realistic philosophy St. Thomas Aquinas, E. Gilson, M. A. Krąpiec, Z. Zdybicka. His analysis is presented on the basis of philosophical knowledge and natural spontaneous human experience of his fragile life. In his analysis the author does not refer to religious faith and it is not assumed as a condition to know the dignity of human person. This does not mean that the cognitive fruit obtained in the field of philosophy cannot be human life combined with the fruits of faith and religious knowledge.
According to the author, religion is a personal relationship between God and man. It appears in a man’s life mainly because of his experience of human contingency fragility of existence. Thanks to religion a man a human person gets a chance to fulfill his personal potentials but above all he has a chance of eternal life and a life free from any defects. Through religion a human being has an op­portunity “to read” the truth about his destiny and can recognize the truth about his dignity.
The discussion included in the work focuses on the following issues:
1. Spontaneous human experience and the dignity of its philosophical analysis.
2. Dignity — good man — the philosophical concept of dignity.
3. Religion as a personal relationship between God and man.
4. Contemporary culture and the paradox of the lack of religiosity and the presence of attitudes of hostility to religion.
5. Fideism and its destructive effects on culture, religion and human dignity.

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