Ile idealizmu w realizmie

Marek Rosiak
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How much idealism in realism

I am greatly indebted to Prof. Damian Leszczyński and the Editors of Studia Philosophica Wratislaviensia for offering me an excellent opportunity of being confronted with five detailed comprehensive opinions concerning my recent book Studia z problematyki realizmu–idealizmu Wrocław 2012. Bartłomiej Skowron prefers formal methods in philosophical investigations but nevertheless he studied my phenomenological considerations carefully, providing me with many valuable insights which show some problems in a different perspective. Damian Leszczyński was concerned with possible sceptical objections to the fundamental epistemological problem: How can our knowledge of the external world be deduced form the immediate data of consciousness? Transcendental phenomenology tries to reformulate this problem to avoid the riddles of scepticism. Filip Kobiela proposed an interesting analogy to the exchange of arguments between adherents of realism and idealism. A philosophical debate can be compared to a party of chess, but this analogy cannot go too far. Maria Bielawka presented arguments against my definite rejection of the purely intentional object. However, I still sustain my views in this respect. Marek Piwowarczyk provided an elaborate argumentation in favour of the claim, which I wholly share, that a notion of extension is involved in an infinite regress. A further exchange of arguments regarding this subject will follow soon.

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