• Jak uczynić nasze wrażenia dorzecznymi?

Jak uczynić nasze wrażenia dorzecznymi?

Filip Kobiela
Google Scholar Filip Kobiela


How to make our sensations adequate?

The article is devoted to the discussion on Marek Rosiak’s position within the realism vs. idealism controversy. Rosiak calls his position subjective realism or sensation-based realism; it is a complex theory containing both an idealistic component constitutive activity of consciousness and a realistic component the source of sensations lies beyond consciousness. This theory has been placed on the Ingarden’s map of the possible solutions of the controversy over the existence of the world. From the ontological viewpoint, Rosiak’s position appears to be a kind of a double solution with some similarities to Kant’s transcendental idealism. The main problem connected with this weak form of realism concerns the possibility of strengthening its realistic component.

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