O kombinacyjnej topo-ontologii

Bartłomiej Skowron
Google Scholar Bartłomiej Skowron


Combination topo-ontology

Perzanowski’s combination ontologic is the ontology of elements and their combinations. Perzanowski, after Leibniz, concluded that combinations are defined by internal features of elements which decide about the structure of connections between the elements, i.e. whether one element is connected with another depends on the elements’ inside. We present a view that the structure of combination depends in the first place on structural, topological and a priori forms and then it can be determined by the features of elements. We suggest enriching the structure of ontological universe by its topologisation. The presented examples of ontological worlds prove that this is sensible and necessary. While modelling the ontological universe with the use of Hilbert’s cube we show the relations between the notion of dimension and the notions of situation and possible world. We also suggest new interpretation of ontological rationalism.

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