• Bakunina ćwiczenie z dialektyki Hegla

Bakunina ćwiczenie z dialektyki Hegla

Janusz Dobieszewski
Google Scholar Janusz Dobieszewski


Bakunin’s exercise of the dialectics of Hegel

This text grew out of the perennial fascination with the famous article by Mikhail Bakunin Die Reaktion in Deutschland. The article was considered one of the finest in the history of „Deutsche Jahrbücher,” where it was published in 1842, bringing Bakunin fame, success, position of a renowned expert on Hegel and an excellent representative of the Hegelian Left. Presented in “Reaction...” picture of historical reality contained in a state of contradiction, able to thoroughly opposites, which on the one hand provided for the renewal history and the human spirit solution, the other is returned by the forces of reaction, in the third — is mystified projects compromises and the “golden means” between the extremes. Bakunin seeks to recognize all of the ingredients and trends that define this field of historical clashes and breakthrough.

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