• Michał Bakunin a krytyczna krytyka Isaiaha Berlina

Michał Bakunin a krytyczna krytyka Isaiaha Berlina

Jacek Uglik
Google Scholar Jacek Uglik


Mikhail Bakunin and Isaiah Berlin’s critical criticism

Isaiah Berlin did not hide his negative attitude toward the person and theoretical concept of the Russian thinker Mikhail Bakunin. He gave an expression of it, above all, in an essay Herzen and Bakunin on Individual Liberty. This article is a polemic with the critical account of Isaiah Berlin, whose standpoint is characterized as “critical criticism.” According to the author, Berlin reads Bakunin in superficial manner, he does not present any proofs for his theses, he is not acquainted with the source literature, and therefore his critical attitude is of formal character. Berlin does not give a convincing answer to the question, why Bakunin’s thought is unsophisticated and shallow?

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