• Teoria danych zmysłowych A.J. Ayera i jej aporie

Teoria danych zmysłowych A.J. Ayera i jej aporie

Paweł Sikora
Google Scholar Paweł Sikora


A.J. Ayer’s sense data theory and its aporias

The article discusses Ayer’s linguistic interpretation of sense data theory. In my opinion, his standpoint is embedded in the wider, metaphysical context, which Ayer rejected in his early philosophy. In the article, I attempt to show the metaphysical background of sense data theory and theoretical troubles of indirect realism. The aim of this paper is to explain several difficulties in Ayer’s standpoint which refer to the real content of our perceptions as sense data in connection to a common sense or natural attitude. This leads to the conclusion that in Ayer’s philosophy we still have the unsolved problem of what the real object of our perceptions is.

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