• Ontologiczne założenia logiki etycznej

Ontologiczne założenia logiki etycznej

Marcin Drofiszyn
Google Scholar Marcin Drofiszyn


Ontological Principles of Ethical Logic

In the first part of the paper I present a system of ethical logic EL-system. From a syntactical point of view it is the propositional logic with one-placed modal operator D: „Dp” may be read „it is good that p.” The standard system axioms K and D appear to be sufficient to characterize such an operator. As a result, operator D behaves like usual modalities; thanks to this, EL-system may be described from a semantic point of view by means of the standard possible-world semantics. In the second part, I attempt to fi nd an ontological basis for the outlined EL-system. I present several conceptions of ontological status of values and finally conclude that only Czeżowski’s conception fulfils this task: it recognises values as transcendentals — modus essendi of state of affairs.

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