• Nauka/nienauka — zagadka czy problem? Polemika z referatem Wojciecha Sadego

Nauka/nienauka — zagadka czy problem? Polemika z referatem Wojciecha Sadego

Bogdan Balicki
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Science/non-science — riddle or problem? Polemics to Wojciech Sady’s lecture

The history of science cannot these days be interpreted solely by referring to ‘pure’ science. The science is a social action, each social action is involved axiologically, ideologically, politically, ethically, aesthetically etc. In the discussed lecture of Professor Sady we encounter the assumption that the search for real science can be solved by the simple definition of it. However, we must remember that in order to define science we need the complex idea which would give us the knowledge about all phenomena appearing in the system of science the important ones, less important ones as well as not at all important ones. Wojciech Sady gives us the possibility of two methods of scientific research and of different scientific concepts of science resulting from them the example of research on heat — Bacon’s version and of the group: Fahrenheit, Black, Lavoisier and others defining Bacon’s research as a non-scientific one and of the group Fahrenheit, Black and Lavoisier as a scientific one. Bacon works with the use of common words, secondly they do not have a detailed definition, thirdly — their meaning is not discussed by Bacon with anybody, Bacon works by himself only. At the same time the competitive group of researchers use the words which are also rooted in natural language as there is simply no other source, but they are functioning within the areas defi ned by the group of researchers. Bacon is on the position of a free interpreter.

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