• Cywilizacja techniczna a poszukiwanie integralnego rozwoju

Cywilizacja techniczna a poszukiwanie integralnego rozwoju

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/1895-8001.15.1.8
Jan Wadowski
Google Scholar Jan Wadowski


In the article I introduce several distinctions regarding the issue of civilisation in general, especially stressing the role of values in its development. I also discuss the bases of the Western civilisation, which are—I believe—undermined in the name of certain benefits overridden by propaganda of various types of “correctness” (political, religious, social, etc.). Technology with increasing intensity transforms societies into superstructures, where humanity is disappearing. Technology is becoming more and more mentally ergonomic, replacing man not only in physical work but also in mental work. It is not about the utopian rejection of technology, but about being aware of both opportunities and threats including enslaving by technology. The phenomenon seems to be particularly dangerous if we assume the existence of so-called superintelligence (N. Bostrom). So if technology is not anthropocentric, sooner or later it will lead to complete incapacitation of the human being, both physically and mentally. For this reason, we should seek an integral understanding of man and the so-called progress. It is necessary to understand what values are important in our individual and social life. The fundamental value is the art of wise life as the highest skill.
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