• Europeizacja administracji publicznej kilka refleksji

Europeizacja administracji publicznej kilka refleksji

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/0524-4544.327.12
Lidia Zacharko
Google Scholar Lidia Zacharko
Marcin Janik
Google Scholar Marcin Janik


Europeanisation of public administration a few reflections

The article is devoted to the identification and discussion of the challenges faced by the administration in respect to integration processes, the Europeanisation of public administration, but also the ever-stronger dynamics of the processes of globalization. In the light of this problem, the analysis covered, inter alia, models of the impact of European law on national law. The areas of the Europeanisation process were also indicated, showing the Europeanisation of public administration tasks in this regard. The considerations also concern the issue of agencies that are of interest to the so-called “Indirect administration”.

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