• Korzenie współczesnego antyewolucjonizmu

Korzenie współczesnego antyewolucjonizmu

Bartosz Borczyk
Google Scholar Bartosz Borczyk


The roots of modern antievolutionism


In the first part of the paper I am presenting a short introduction to the conflict between materialistic science and religious believes. The three most popular attempts to neutralize this conflict are presented as follows: 1 the acceptance of naturalistic science with all consequences concerning evolution with the exception of the God’s occasional intervention e.g. man presented with a soul by God; 2 separation of science and religion the concept of Non Overlapping Magisteria; 3 negation of naturalistic science in favor of particular religious believes. The introduction is followed by a short review of the history of the creationism movement from the early Paley’s arguments from design, through the dawn of biblical creationism, emergence of scientific creationism, and its recent transformation into theory of Intelligent Design. Although advocates of the latter try to distance themselves from scientific and biblical creationists and got support from few non-creationists, like quasi-religious Raelians, it is shown that this movement emerged from traditional creationism, and its core is constituted by the same religious agenda. The growing popularity of the creationistic movements is due to several factors, including early religious indoctrination, opinion making activity, lack of or poor scientific knowledge among society and in some cases contestation and bounty against the scientific establishment.

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