Dialektyka w Protagorasie

Josef Petrželka
Google Scholar Josef Petrželka
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Dialectic in the Protagoras


In this paper the dialogue Protagoras is analyzed in light of Aristotle's conception of dialectic as described in the Topics. The aim is to follow those argumentative strategies and other features of discussion between Socrates and Protagoras which represent rules or characteristic steps of dialectical discussions in Plato's and Aristotle's times. This approach to Plato's dialogues including Protagoras could extend our understanding of these writings. In the Protagoras the paper detected these dialectical motives described in the Topics: dialectical problems and questions, strategies recommended for questioner as well as for answerer, allusion to all three goals of dialectical discussions, allusion to ''rules and rights'' for both participants of discussion, the opposition of the views of the many and the wise.


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