• Zmiany wizerunkowe mężczyzny w przestrzeni lingwakulturowej

Zmiany wizerunkowe mężczyzny w przestrzeni lingwakulturowej

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/1232-9657.26.3
Piotr Garncarek
Google Scholar Piotr Garncarek


Image changes of a man in the linguocultural space

Linguistic sensitivity to the reality around us, particularly the one in the social dimension, is an intriguing research area. In the wake of the ever faster rushing world, the language tries to catch up in different ways, not always in its own way. It borrows, calques, phonetically assimilates the foreign lexicon; moreover, it creates neologisms, fabricates and inserts new, “author’s” words, expressions and phrases. The linguocultural space, implied as a special area, where the language is intertwined with the described culture of a society — ethnic, national or linguistic, should look forward to the change of its own denomination. Calling phenomena linguocultural indicates the succession from language to reality. It is rather “demanding” linguistically. If indeed we adopt the sequence of events, the space in question is essentially linguocultural. The language must catch up and name new situations, phenomena, artifacts rather than create the reality which is made up of them. The relationship is analysed in the article and illustrated by examples thematically related to the image changes of a man.

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