• Artysta w kręgu mitów późnej nowoczesności

Artysta w kręgu mitów późnej nowoczesności

Zbigniew Władysław Solski
Google Scholar Zbigniew Władysław Solski


The Artist in The Circle of Myth of Late Modernity

The author – referencing the thought by Chantal Delsol – uses the term “late modernity”, recognizing in subsequent after-the-Enlightenment periods subsequent phases of modernity. Among countless myths of after-modernity he chose two: about acquiring the knowledge of the world and immortality, which, in his opinion, influenced the condition of a modern artist in the strongest way. In conclusions the author notices that the biggest weakness of modernity in contrary to its self-assessment is impossibility to build a consistent image of reality, which is a result of lack of originality. Creators of modern culture specialized in theft of ideas of their predecessors, and out of context foreign fragment may be presented by them as a fruit of their own reflections. The weakness of modernity, displaying in its morbid tendency to reduction, became its strength: it is impossible to build a whole from the fragments, but with small fragments a whole may be infected. The success of modernity turned out to be, then, a success of a virus spreading from period to period.

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