• Artystyczne gry ze śmiercią we współczesnej sztuce

Artystyczne gry ze śmiercią we współczesnej sztuce

Marek Śnieciński
Google Scholar Marek Śnieciński
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The Artistic Games with Death in Contemporary Art

The text emphasizes the difference between two artistic approaches. The first one of them is rare and comprises various kinds of artistic games with death undertaken by the artists, whereas the second one depends on playing with the subject of death, where death plays the part of an „embellishment” or some kind of attraction, which should draw the attention of the viewer. The text concentrates on such artistic realizations, in which the first of the mentioned approaches is visible. The selected „games with death” in the works by, among others, K. Kozyra, A. Szapocznikow, R. Opałka and Ch. Boltanski, are analysed. The analyses make use of theoretical works by, among others, H.G. Gadamer, P. Aries, H. Belting, R. Barthes and G. Steiner.

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