• Wyobraźnia i obraz jako czynniki konstytuujące warsztat twórczy przy kreacji wizualnej

Wyobraźnia i obraz jako czynniki konstytuujące warsztat twórczy przy kreacji wizualnej

Eugeniusz Józefowski
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Imagination and Images as Factors Constituting Creative Workshop for the Creation of Visual
Józefowski considers interdisciplinary studies of creative workshop as art form. He describes the structure of his original workshop and discusses the role of imagination and image. Józefowski considers workshop as an art form dating back to the premises of the avant-garde Here the term ‘avant-garde’ is broadly used to denote innovative artistic activity and contained in the current of its post-avant-garde manifestations. He analyses the demand for personalization of art, which causes the rejection of the rigor of work imposed by the artistic structure that is defined by technique. The essence of art becomes a functional relation between the main participants of aesthetic events—a creative artist, an on-looker, a subject matter, a relation consisting in art-experiencing. Their functions intertwine, creating an aesthetical field cf. A. Berleant, Prze-myśleć estetykę, Kraków 2007.

The concept of workshop refers to the idea of shaping reality through art, espoused in all currents and formations of the avant-garde. The postulate refers to two dimensions of experiencing the reality— external and internal. The shaping of external reality is achieved through the arrangement of the public space, introduction of new order of social space, defined by work/artistic process. The shaping of the inner reality encompasses the influence of the creative situation experienced by an individual on his/her mental makeup: views, emotions, values.

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