• Antropologiczne podstawy estetyki w twórczości Marii Gołaszewskiej

Antropologiczne podstawy estetyki w twórczości Marii Gołaszewskiej

Krzysztof Serafin
Google Scholar Krzysztof Serafin


Anthropological Foundations of Aesthetics in Maria Gołaszewska’s Artwork
The work by Maria Gołaszewska does not establish the foundation for a comprehensive, broadly understood philosophy of man, it instead provides the reader with various synthetic approaches which together form an integral and complete philosophical position. Serafin attempts to identify the main features of the idea of man developed by Maria Gołaszewska and to analyze them in the context of theories of esthetics. Three aspects of the idea of man are here taken into consideration. The first one points at man’s ability to capture the structure of the world and to constitute the anthrop sphere anthrop sphere structuring. Another aspect pertains to man’s processes of self-identification by which one overcomes oppositions encountered in the world and in oneself. The third aspect amounts to axiological nature of man positioned in the center of axiological universum.

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