• Przestrzeń otwarta – kształt, symetria i dynamiczna narracja w rzeźbie abstrakcyjnej

Przestrzeń otwarta – kształt, symetria i dynamiczna narracja w rzeźbie abstrakcyjnej

Agnieszka Bandura
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The Open Space – Shape, Symmetry and Dynamic Narration in Contemporary Abstract Sculpture
E. Chillida once said that nobody knew what space exactly was. I try to describe a new idea of space that is emerging from theoretical texts on contemporary sculpture written by Kobro, Morris and Chillida. At the same time I want to establish more precise meaning of what the abstraction in sculpture might be.

Among the other factors that could help define abstract sculpture are the following factors: analysis of shape or form geometric as well as non-geometric or so called „geometrized” forms, symmetry or ‘relative symmetry’ of composition, and finally research on space and its perception including not only a scientific notion of space but also a natural, perceptual or artistic one. Processes of geometrization and asymmetrization, evident in Kobro’s, Morris’ and Chillida’s works, let the artists articulate the most basic function of sculpture, that is to open space to change our idea and perception of space. Abstract sculpture enters the space and, at the same time, makes on-lookers move into the space. It unifies inner generally subjective and outer objective images of space.

In my analysis of abstract sculpture I emphasize the role of shape form, figure in abstract pieces of art. Also, from the other side, I try to legitimize a relationship between abstraction and representation. I believe that we cannot consider non-representative and/or non-figurative sculpture as abstract sculpture because abstract sculpture includes its own object of perception, representation and reflection, I mean: space. For me, abstract sculpture artworks by Kobro, Morris or Chillida is a form of narration about space which is real and concrete in a more strict sense than any representation.

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