Maski Nuna

Magda Podsiadły
Google Scholar Magda Podsiadły


The Nuna Masks
The article concerns the Nuna People Rite of Exit of Big Masks. At the turn of February and March residents of Zawara village Burkina Faso tame the bush gods to get both good yield in new rainy season and gods’ care for the community. The dancers, clothed in rite costumes, take part in mysterious, picturesque rite. They hwear masks on their heads, both zoomorphic and abstract.

Magda Podsiadły analyzed the cult, its functions and symbolism of masks and the role of animistic ethnic Nuna group in conservation of tradition in West Africa. Also, she considered the consequences of presentation of such strong, hermetic rite in West-European festivals in the context of cultural identity of the Nuna people.

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