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Petr Nedoma
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Journey to the Beginning

In 1987, Petr Nedoma wrote an essay entitled Journey to the Beginning and he published it two years later, when the problem of postmodernism was already loosing its momentum and the Czech art was no longer influenced by the trend. Also, there were broader theories on post-modern art. Nedoma tries to generally characterize postmodern art while focusing on its Italian variant in the form of trans-avant-guard. He shows the scale of foreign influence on the interpretation of postmodernism in the Czech culture in the second half of the 1980’s and he shows postmodern art as the art of destruction and negation of values. Nedoma contributed to initiating a broad discussion on postmodernism in the anthology entitled ‘Pod jednou střechou. Fenomén postmoderny v úvahách v českém výtvarném umění 1994 which included significant texts by Czech writers from the 1980’s and the early 1990’s.

The text was reprinted in full form: ‘Bulletin Moravské galerie v Brně’, 1990, No. 46 , pp. 46-47. It was translated from České umění 1980–2010. Texty a dokumenty, Praha 2011, pp. 145–149. Summary on p. 144.

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