• Rola sztuki akcji w ukształtowaniu specyfiki artystycznej grupy Łódź Kaliska

Rola sztuki akcji w ukształtowaniu specyfiki artystycznej grupy Łódź Kaliska

Łukasz Guzek
Google Scholar Łukasz Guzek


The role of action art in shaping Kaliska Art Group

Kaliska Art Group uses mainly photography and film as their medium. However, their use is "extended" according to the idea of "expanded cinema", which is the starting point of artistic exploration by the group. They concentrate on action in their production of artistic photographs and films. Action determines images and photographs. They take photographs in order to register actions, therefore photographs are considered as secondary medium. Actions are dynamic forms of expression. Also, criticism, pastiche and irony contribute to producing a momentum. Łódź Kaliska is a postmodernist art group. Guzek analyzes their activity in the context of conceptual art and the role of action art in their artistic development. They concentrate on the deconstruction of modernist and avant-garde artistic ideas. He considers his analysis as case study of actionism and its influence on art. He describes the typology of the group including performance for photography and film all actions are group actions, conceptual ‘performance’ in front of the camera by different members of the group, the ‘Fluxus’- kind of performance which combines art and everyday life, ‘environmental’ actions which are more open and involve people from outside of the group friends, jokes connected with other artists and celebrities of art not planned as art. After all, action art reveals the position of artists superior to their work and existential elements in art.

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