• Estetyczne superlatywy – kryptozniewolenia

Estetyczne superlatywy – kryptozniewolenia

Janusz Krupiński
Google Scholar Janusz Krupiński



The highest ideals of many estheticians are connected with the glorification of different forms of slavery. There are other ‘holy words’ which belong to this category and we use them as our highest ratings. Together with them we take the attitudes, relationships, self-portraits incompatible with freedom, and ultimately with the idea of truth, which is a prerequisite of freedom – and while accepting these attitudes, entering into this relationship with art, nature and other people, imaging ourselves – we even feel proud of it. This form of crypto-enslavement is connected with such ideas and words as pleasure, delight, fascination, sublime, wonder, authenticity, expression this one in particular. They are often used in the context of beauty, experience, creative work, tasks, role, essence of art.

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