• Orfeusz w piekle obrazu szkic niedokończony

Orfeusz w piekle obrazu szkic niedokończony

Andrzej Więckowski
Google Scholar Andrzej Więckowski



Orpheus in the Underworld image addresses the issue of knowledge in the arts, especially the rarely recognized difference between the directness of sensations that seem natural and spontaneous, and its construction, which manifests itself in formalized, anterior analysis, which preceded experience. Więckowski considers that ages-old problem in the context of the myth of Orpheus’ descent into Hades and his Orpheus’; the myth, which was often used in visual arts, music and literature. Więckowski analyzes painting as object and the way to learn through art. As the basis for his analysis, he uses a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke, in which Eurydice, called from hell by the means of poetry, reaches the limits of existence, but due to Orpheus’ mistake, does not cross the threshold of reality. What error did Orpheus make? What lies beneath the mythical gesture: his looking back and looking at Euridice? The answers to these questions are the subject of the essay.

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