• Neoawangarda, wprowadzenie do sztuki współczesnej

Neoawangarda, wprowadzenie do sztuki współczesnej

Grzegorz Dziamski
Google Scholar Grzegorz Dziamski


Neo-avantguard: Introduction to Contemporary Art

Frank Popper believes that neo-avantguard of the 1960’s and the 1970’s contributed to democratization of art. Jerzy Ludwiński believes that neo-avantguard led art into post-artistic era, in which art ceased to be visually different from non art. Both writers tried to reveal logic hidden in the changes in neo-avantguard, based on their assumption that the changes in neo-avantguard include meta-narration. When art gave up meta-narration, every thing could be considered as art. Art became absolute, total, arbitrary and it established its own borderlines and forms, because it included its own contradiction — non-art and anti-art. What does it mean, that art is now in post-historic era? Doesn’t it need explanatory meta-narration? What should be a reflection on art in posthistoric era?

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