• LA TELEVISIONE ITALIANA: bezkresy hedonizmu i zabawy

LA TELEVISIONE ITALIANA: bezkresy hedonizmu i zabawy

Rafał Boettner-Łubowski
Google Scholar Rafał Boettner-Łubowski
Ewa Łubowska
Google Scholar Ewa Łubowska


La Televisione Italiana: the Vastness of Hedonism and Playfullness

Everybody agrees, that historic cultural heritage of Italy is considered as important. Some aspects of Italian mass culture, however, might be considered as controversial, therefore they become the subject of critical analysis. Italian television is considered as particularly controversial because it exploits hedonistic and playful aspects of contemporary culture. It often concentrates on primitive eroticism. In Italian television, they often show young naked women. They reveal instrumental approach towards women. Of course, their approach is controversial and should be analyzed from the perspective of ethics. There are different dangers connected with their primitive, hedonistic approach. What are they? What is their source? What is the role of Italian television in Italian culture? Ii it as powerful as the mass media in other countries? Undoubtedly, we should answer the above questions if we want to understand Italians. We should boldly analyze the controversial aspects of hedonistic elements in Italian television broadcasting in order to understand contemporary Italian culture.

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