• Funology — homo ludens i homo faber w projektowaniu interakcji

Funology — homo ludens i homo faber w projektowaniu interakcji

Marcin Składanek
Google Scholar Marcin Składanek


Funology - Homo Ludens and Homo Faber in Interaction Design

Concept of fun — as well as game, enjoinment, pleasure or engagement — mark out very interesting field of discussion in interaction design studies, which corresponds to and reinforces the User Experience UX paradigm. Funology, as an important research domain within UX, first and foremost, is not oriented towards exploration of computer games, interactive gadgets or strategies of the new media entertainment industry. The main goal is rather to transfer body of knowledge, methods and thechniques for making products enjoyable to these kinds of application, which purpose is not such a well defined — i.e. for which the challenge is to design artefacts, interactive systems or rich, complex and multi-user environments open for different uses and needs, where ludic, emotional, aesthetic, cognitive and functional qualities must be put together and dynamically conceptualized.

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