• Sztuka dla ludzi — między zabawą a przyjemnością

Sztuka dla ludzi — między zabawą a przyjemnością

Agnieszka Bandura
Google Scholar Agnieszka Bandura


Art for People — Between Play and Pleasure

The XXth century idea of play is highly ambivalent in defining its functions. It lets consider a contemporary art as a form of play because of its “pleasure-genous” qualities. Different types of pop cultural activity playing culture, playing with technologies, playing with fire, spooky plays and stories establish many ways on which players get their selfsatisfaction between participation or anonymity, rational or irrational, haphazard and predictible, comic or tragic and make the idea of play more homogeneous. Pop cultural entertainment as well as media art investigate the idea of homo ludens and pleasure given by diverse modes of participating in culture or expressing oneself. Homo ludens of our time not only is able to play, but also take pleasure in it.

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