• Obraz wycięty z widoku. O symbolicznym znaczeniu kadru

Obraz wycięty z widoku. O symbolicznym znaczeniu kadru

Elżbieta Łubowicz
Google Scholar Elżbieta Łubowicz


Images Cut out from Views: on the Symbolic Meaning of Frames

The key element in the form of photography is the frame. It reveals the potential for expression, which is still very little known. Because of the obvious fact, that still frame is manipulated, practitioners and theoreticians of photography do not give it due attention. However, it is in the process of manipulation, that the three dimensional views become flat pictures.
At the beginning of its history, photographs were different from paintings and graphic pieces because the new medium included cut-outs from views. Frames are the metonymy of photography. When it is used in a symbolic way, the photograph gains symbolic meaning.
This innovative way André Kertész photographs considered photographs in that innovative context. Frames became metaphors of the human life and the human perception of the world, which occurring in the segment of space — analogous to the frame.
Photo-frame is a symbolic sign and it shows a fragment cut from an entity. In this sense, photographs may also be used in transferred as elements of different forms of art. Stanislaw Dróżdż 1939-2009 used photographs in that particular context. He produced his concrete poems from the elements of different texts. It was his original idea and was connected with the aesthetics of concrete poetry.
In conclusion: frames should be considered as specific forms in photographic art. They should not be only analyzed in the inter-disciplinary context.

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